Recipe: Chicken in Milk (barracks style)

Living in the barracks has its perks like no utility bills, private rooms, and some full kitchens. That is if you live in the newer barracks, and have the luxury of a full fridge, microwave, and two burner stove top. Some of us soldiers don’t have amenities like that. Some of us (ahem me) gotta make due with what we have. My roommate and I share a sink,  microwave, and a mini fridge. This could be a slight problem if your hobbies include cooking. Never fear! Your favorite 92g is here! I’ll let you in on how I make my favorite dish with only an electric burner, and a crock pot!

Chicken?…in milk? Trust me I was skeptical at first too. Last fall my Mom wanted to try a little something new, and boy was it a hit! This recipe comes from a British chef, Jamie Oliver, so by no means is this some crazy southern recipe passed down through generations and generations. It’s simple, and oh so delicious!


4- to 5-pound Chicken*

1 tablespoon Salt

1/2 tablespoon Pepper

1 tablespoon Olive oil or Canola oil

1 cup Hard Cider or Apple Juice

10 cloves Garlic, left unpeeled

1/4 cup lightly packed Sage leaves**

1/2 whole Cinnamon stick (about 3 inches long)

Zest from two medium sized Lemons

2 1/4 cups Whole Milk

*I substituted 2 bone-in breasts instead of the whole chicken

**I couldn’t find sage leaves, so I used rubbed sage, works just as well



Large skillet to fit chicken


Slow Cooker (I found one for $10 at Wal-Mart!)


Chefs Knife

Cutting Board




Thaw and pat dry the Chicken and rub with a mixture of Salt/Pepper

Add a small amount of Olive Oil/ Canola Oil to the pan and set the heat to med/ med-high

Sear the Chicken on all sides until a golden brown crust forms on the cuts (My burner kept losing heat and turning off, but I eventually got there.)

Once seared place your Chicken in the crock pot and set aside

Don’t toss all that yummy stuff leftover! You can 1. Just pour it on the Chicken if it didn’t stick or 2. Use the Apple Juice/ Cider to release the drippings from the pan***

***For this step after you have removed your chicken place the skillet back on the heat, and use the juice/cider to clean out the pan. Then add to chicken.

The hardest part is over! Now all you need to do is…

Peel roughly 7-10 Garlic Cloves, add to Chicken (Pro-Tip: run cloves under hot water and the peels should come right off!)

Zest 1 Lemon and add to Chicken, slice the Lemon into slices and add to Chicken as well

Add your Milk, Sage and Cinnamon stick (for the Sage I just dumped it in, the women in my family never measure their spices, and I kinda picked up on the tradition.)

Place on high heat and let cook for 4-5 hours

And last, but not, least eat!

Invite your battle buddies over, and serve in a bowl with juice and a few fresh lemon slices like soup, OR remove chicken and slice for an entree served with a drizzling of the wonderful liquid gold you just created!

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